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Computer Servicing $35

Is your computer running slow and really sluggish?
Takes to long to start up and shut down?
Applications and programs are slow to open?
Windows error messages and possible virus infections?
Annoying pop up's
Slow Internet browsing?
Want to upgrade to Windows 10?
Don't want to pay for expensive Anti Virus programs?
Have all these issues attended to for the Private I.T Optimisation Tasks for just $35

What does Private I.T do for your $35 once off fee Performance Enhancements in Werribee ?

For Systems Requiring a full format and system install

Backup and secure all of your current data and programs
Run full system hardware analysis and testing

Delete the current system partition.
Create new system Partition

Align the system partition using disk tools
Updated the system BIOS and Firmware
Optimise system BIOS settings for best performance
Reinstall your operating system of choice (Windows 7 | Windows 8,1 | Windows 10)
Run Microsoft System Updates
Update all system device
Set power options for maximum peformance
Completely customised computer network, Internet and TCP/IP setting optimisation for faster wired and wireless internet connections
Setup Private I.T custom DNS server settings for fastest possible internet browsing.
Reinstall all your applications including Microsoft Office
Configure and install computer anti virus protection
Configure and install custom Windows firewall settings and restrict network ports from hackers.
Secure system for internet banking using custom SSL files
Install Intel Rapid Storage Technology
Optimise system files on the hard drive for maximum drive I/O settings
Setup optimsed hard drive caching
Defragment and orginise the system registry/cleaning
Optimise system files by Prefetch layout for fastest disk and file performance
Move all of the most used files to the very beginning of the hard drive for fastest disk access
Fully customise the systems "Page File" for optimal virtual memory settings using the pagefile.sys file
Remove non required applications from launching them self at the same time as the system is booting
Copy back over your backed up data and applications restoring all your files to there original locations
Apply the Private I.T fully customised super system performance optimisation tasks to get your computer running faster than it was when it was brand new. This can be up to a 47% speed increase in many cases.
Use professional 3rd party system fragmentation software for fastest disk access
Fully test the computer operating system before presenting it to Private I.T clients.

This comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
All for $35 dollars
All from out Werribee local location

Small business Computer, Network & Server Support in Werribee

Onsite Fee's @ $95 Per Hour

Computer Networking
Company Servers & Routers
Windows 2003 Server
Windows 2008 Server
Windows 2012 Server

Internet & Online Private Investigations

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Face Book
Online Dating Websites
Identity Verification
Money Scams
Virus and personal information phishing
Deleted Data & File Recovery
Password Recovery
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Online Privacy | Proxies |

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